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Selling property

Selling property

If your apartment is not on our website yet, you need to fill up "Sell my flat" form. After we going to contact you to arrange photo and video session of your apartment. We might also request some additional information about property, including scan of deed (make sure you have it). Our professional programer going to visit your apartment and do full session upload it on our website.

As soon customer will be interested in buying your property and will make offer, we will contact you.

Selling process normally contain 5 steps.

1) First step is signing “termo de compromisso”, that define conditions of property purchase like payment conditions (we can provide you with standard one).
2) At second step we going to forward landlord documents to person doing full "cartorio check".
3) Buyer is doing initial payment defined in termo de compromisso
4) The procedure of moving deeds to new landlord is initiated
5) Full payment

This procedure might be different in some cases, but generally this is the standard process.


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