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Buying property

Buying property

Brazil, as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, is increasingly recognised as a desirable location for investments across a range of industries. The real estate market is particularly strong, with house prices rising by up to 150% since 2008 and continuing to rise steadily. These factors, in addition to the relatively straightforward process of purchasing property in Brazil for non-residents in comparison to other markets, mean that real estate in Brazil is an attractive investment.

Do I need to be a Brazilian citizen in order to invest in property?

It is not necessary to have Brazilian citizenship or even residency in order to purchase property in Brazil. Investment in Brazil is booming, and foreign investors are welcomed and facilitated by national laws and local administration. In short, yes, foreigners can buy apartments in Brazil!

I don’t live in Brazil. What do I need to do?

Non-residents wishing to purchase real estate in Brazil can do so if represented by an attorney. Power of attorney should be granted, allowing him or her to represent you in a legal capacity throughout the process. We can advise and help with any part of this process that is necessary, including finding an attorney, contracting, communicating and so on.

Do I need to travel to Brazil?

Not necessarily. Investors planning to buy property for use as a residential or holiday home prefer to search for property in person, which requires trips to Brazil and being physically present for viewings and meetings. However, for those investing exclusively with a view to letting property, it is not necessary to be physically present in Brazil. It is possible to complete the search and purchase remotely, physically represented by an attorney in Brazil. Other administrative duties, for example applying for a social security (CPF) number, can be carried out through the Brazilian consulate in your country of residence.

Each investor has a different situation, a different relationship with Brazil and different requirements. We can assist with any doubts or requirements you have, we can provide contacts and services on the Brazilian side and accompany you through the whole investment process. If you are considering investing in property in Brazil, please fill out the online form to keep in touch with us and so that we can tailor our service to you!


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